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Call Now to Book: 888.626.5861    4545 Magnolia St. New Orleans, LA 70115    
Alder Hotel - Uptown - New Orleans
4545 Magnolia St. New Orleans, LA 70115
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See What Others Are Asking About Our New Orleans Hotel

Do your hotels offer group blocks? If so, what discount can be expected?
Our hotels offer group blocks (10 or more guest rooms). Typically, a 10% discount can be expected, but this may vary depending on specific dates.
How many guest rooms constitute a group block?
A group block must include 10 or more guest rooms. Reservations for groups of fewer than 10 guest rooms should be made by phone with our Reservations Department at 1-888-626-5861-OR- online, one-room-at-a-time, on our website www.AlderHotel.com.
Are group blocks available during special events?
Group blocks are not offered during special events, major festivals, or citywide conventions. During these periods, guests may reserve individually online at www.AlderHotel.com -OR- by phone with our Reservations Department at 1-888-626-5861.
How are pre and post block reservations handled?
Guests arriving prior to the group block dates or after the group block dates are asked to call our Reservations Department / 1-888-626-5861 to book additional nights.
Can I make an appointment to see your hotel?
Sure! But these must be conducted by prior appointment only. Please feel free to make an appointment through the sales office or directly with the hotel General Manager.
As the group leader, am I financially obligated for all these rooms?
We offer a range of reservation / payment options for group reservations, depending on the type of group. Please speak with a sales manager to determine the best reservation and payment policy to meet your needs.